Mercedes Taxi Club

Luxury & Comfort Taxi Services

The Mercedes Taxi Club was founded to improve the taxi services with high quality, having as our first and foremost concern the comfort and luxury that only a Mercedes vehicle can offer.

Our fleet consists of numerous and luxurious cars with which the highly experienced drivers ensure a consistent and secure transition anywhere you wish. Therefore, a unique experience is surely guaranteed.

The Mercedes Taxi Club provides complete transition services any hour or day with the same pricing policy of a conventional Taxi.

Live the experience of the Mercedes Taxi Club!

18180 & ‎2310 525 777

Our Services

Address Pickup

We always pick up our clients on time, 24/7 availability


Our driver will be waiting for you at the point your desire holding a special sign, so that you are taken to your final destination fast, with safety


We offer you the most comfortable tours to the archaeological sites and cities of Northern Greece


All vehicles are equipped with an Air-Condition System, Wi-fi, Various Magazines and Baby Boosters